[Standards] Use SDP for media description format for Jingle sessions

Unnikrishnan V ukv1977 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 06:14:39 UTC 2007

Just wondering the below document makes some sense:

Idea : Use SDP for media description format for Jingle sessions.This is a
hybrid Jingle-Tins approach for jingle content and transport Description

Details :


Justification :

1) SDP is an IETF protocol ( Open ).
2) SDP is well used by other protocols ( SIP, MGCP, RTSP etc etc  ).This
makes easy interoperability.
3) XML mapped SDP is a Subset of actual SDP and SDP.
4) Avoiding duplicate information documents (copy paste of actual RFCs ) ex:
5) Bringing in standard procedures for development ( ex: offer answer model
( rfc3264 rfc4317 ) ,PINT services (rfc2848), IPV6 rfc3266), Grouping of
Media Lines ( rfc3388 ),Content Attribute (rfc4796), )
6) No IPR issues on usage of SDP because it is tracked by IETF.
7) New technologies have SDP extension ( ex: ICE-TCP, ICE etc etc  ). Due to
this addition of new standard applications
8) Already well written/matured  documents for help on deployment and proved
to best + good knowledge base.
Overhead : another parser for SDP with appliations.

Please shed your comments on this.

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