[Standards] geoloc: PEP=user, <iq>=resource

Stephen Pendleton pendleto at movsoftware.com
Tue Jun 5 17:14:45 UTC 2007

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I can't speak for Ian, but "non-pubsub" seems right (where PEP is a 
flavor of pubsub and therefore included -- if you're an end user and you 
have a PEP service available at your "home" server, use that; if not, 
use a non-PEP pubsub service available on the 'net).

OK, thats more clear. I also agree that we should remove non-pubsub methods.
For completeness sake it would be nice to include a pubsub example alongside
the PEP example.

I am actually suprised that people find implementing PEP to be easier than
pubsub. I have found that all the major XMPP server types support pubsub out
of the box, but not PEP, and to write geoloc support requires a small subset
of pubsub on the client side.

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