[Standards] XEP-0154 and XEP-0084

Andreas Monitzer jig at monitzer.com
Mon Jun 18 18:09:03 UTC 2007

On Jun 18, 2007, at 18:23, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>> I've implemented it. It works pretty well, and I haven't had any  
>> issues, except that specifying the width and height isn't that  
>> easy for a client (I actually had write a parser for png headers  
>> for this). Maybe these two could be made optional?
> How about recommended (SHOULD include)? :)

That's fine for me :)

>> Usually, clients don't need instant notification for changes to  
>> the profile, that's why it's not really absolutely necessary to  
>> use PEP there. Of course, it'd simplify server implementations, so  
>> it's definitely something to look into.
> Yes, there is that issue, too -- do people need notifications about  
> profiles or is that data more static? If static, why use PEP?

Well, you wouldn't need any special cases for vCards on the server  
any more. Just implement PEP, and you're done for 90% of the non- 
messaging stuff used for IM.
If the client doesn't announce that it'd like to get notified of  
changes to that PEP node, it wouldn't receive unnecessary data, but  
could still request the info explicitly, which is right how vCards  
work right now.


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