[Standards] roster schema

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Sun Jun 24 16:21:50 UTC 2007

Hi Joe!

Joe Hildebrand schrieb:
> What do you mean by character?
> - Glyph?
> - Codepoint?
> Do you have to perform some sort of canonicalization before counting?
> Combining characters make this particularly difficult, which is why we 
> settled on something easy to describe and understand in JIDs.

For JIDs: This all has been already solved with stringprep which XMPP 
uses (i.e. Codepoints after stringprep normalization). For the case of 
roster items: Characters as how they are sent be user user that creates 
the roster item (i.e. Codepoints as transmitted).

I don't see where you have a problem with it. - And if you would have 
it, you must also have a problem in couting octets, as they very 
depending on the type of normalization as well.


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