[Standards] Namespace Priority

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Tue Mar 6 17:05:56 UTC 2007

Ian Paterson wrote:
> Clearly we should enable users that want to, to block calls from
> non-contacts. But why should other people not be able to use Jingle to
> receive calls from anyone in the world?
> Once again, I agree that we should use presence whenever possible. We
> should exploit the advantage to the full. However, I don't think we
> should let it become a handicap. IMO we should not restrict all
> specialized applications to working only between contacts.
I agree. Non-contacts should be able to request a voice or whatever
session with me. My decline may need to be silent if I don't want them
to know if I'm online though. An example I can think of is adding voice
to these live support services. Clearly I don't want my customers to be
forced to request presence from the live support service just to
troubleshoot some problem they're having. That also pollutes their
roster with one off contacts as well.

- Nolan
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