[Standards] XMPP vs. Jabber

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu Mar 8 19:05:52 UTC 2007

> One of the Adium developers compared XMPP vs. Jabber to email vs.  
> SMTP: When asking people on the street, close to everybody will  
> know what email is, but you'll have a hard time finding somebody  
> who knows what SMTP is (even some computer science students don't  
> know that).

This is more or less the division I take in Astra, as well; the  
underlying IMCore variant library is 'XMPP' while the plugins that  
sit atop it are 'Jabber' and 'Google Talk.'  XMPP is the protocol,  
Jabber or Google Talk are the networks.  Thus I have my c:\programming 
\trillian4\imcore\xmpp directory, and beneath it I have  
'jabberplugin' and 'googleplugin'  (and eventually ljplugin and so on).

It's just like how we don't call AIM 'OSCAR' (which applies to ICQ as  
well now, after all), either.  One is the network, one is the protocol.

I recognize that there is a difference between 'Jabber' (the pre-XMPP  
protocol) and XMPP (the IETF standard), including in error handling  
and everything else, but honestly, 'Jabber' gets used for XMPP stuff  

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