[Standards] XMPP vs. Jabber

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu Mar 8 20:02:25 UTC 2007

Unfortunately, I think this is a non-productive debate for now. Our
community seems to love the Jabber name. Given it's history and the fact
that it's a lot more catchy than XMPP, I can understand why.

On the other hand, Jabber is a trademark and the name of the company.
That means that other commercial companies won't fully embrace the name.
User confusion around "Jabber" will simply always exist as well -- users
will type jabber.com first when they want to know about "jabber" and

Personally, I shrug at the current situation and am happy that we're
slowly moving forward. The XSF rename was a good step. Clients will keep
making particular naming choices, along with server vendors. That will
probably lead to the best consensus over time rather than trying to
debate it out in the mailing lists.

BTW, why is this in standards? :)


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> On Mar 08, 2007, at 20:15, Chris Mullins wrote:
> > For example, imagine nobody used HTML or HTTP (way too geeky), but 
> > instead it was "Internet Explorer" or "Internet Information Server".
> > Apache, Firefox, and others wouldn't be too happy about that.
> I don't know about any product named "Jabber". There are two 
> products named jabberd, but that's something else ("Internet" 
> isn't a trademark even though "Internet Information Server" is).
> > It still boils down to a corporate name / trademark issue. We're 
> > making phenomenal progress with the renaming of Jabber to XMPP! 
> > There's no reason to start heading the other way.
> I can assure you that the name "XMPP" will never be used in 
> Adium or iChat, which amounts to about 99% of the IM users on 
> the Mac. I asked the gaim folks about the rename, and they 
> said (paraphrased) "uhm, well, we might do that some time".
> There is no progress on the user side. The technical parts 
> (protocol, "xep", XMPP Standards Foundation, etc) were 
> renamed to XMPP, but that proposal wouldn't change anything there.
> andy

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