[Standards] Do we need STUN?

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu Mar 8 20:16:30 UTC 2007


> > > <iq type="result" to="user at server.com" from="server.com"> 
>  <ipcheck>
> > >     <address></address>  </ipcheck> </iq>
> > This won't work if your Jabber server is on the local 
> network. It will 
> > see you connecting from a (non-routable) local network address.
> Also, this won't create bindings through the NAT. The 
> important thing about STUN is that it returns you both your 
> "server reflexive address"
> and the port that your NAT device has bound you too. For many 
> NAT devices the NAT will forward any packet received on that 
> port to your machine.
> If you know only your IP address, your NAT device will have 
> to have port forwarding configured or something similar in 
> order for packets to reach your machine.

Heh, I just *knew* I shouldn't have posted a fake half-example. Of
course you need the UDP part to get through the NAT device and to
establish the "tunnel". Once all the candidates are determined, we're
using a simple UDP echo scheme to evaluate all of them. I think I'm
going to wait until we've documented everything before posting more, as
that will make what we're talking about much easier.


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