Friendly XMPP Branding (Re: [Standards] XMPP vs. Jabber)

Rachel Blackman rcb at
Thu Mar 8 23:42:38 UTC 2007

> I wonder...  can we come up with a better answer than XMPP?  XMPP  
> is hard to
> say, hard to listen to, and not very informative by name alone.
> What about...

Everything else aside...

> XIM? (I kind of like this one, but I'd prefer the X not stand for  

...this just makes me envision an incompetent, megalomaniacal little  
green alien invader as a spokesperson. ;)

<message to='tallest at'  
from='zim at'>
       I... ZIM! ...have mastered this technology the filthy humans  
call 'instant messaging' and have subjegated it for our glorious  
ends, my Tallest!  MWAHAHAHAHAH!

(Oh, come on, I wasn't the only one thinking it!)

Seriously, all Jhonen Vasquez references aside, renaming the system  
yet again is not going to do anything to clarify the situation, I  
don't think.

Rachel Blackman <rcb at>
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