[Standards] Do we need STUN?

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Fri Mar 9 00:45:15 UTC 2007

>> (This is assuming we haven't already consigned ourselves to a  
>> silo.  My
>> understanding of both SIP and Jingle is only ankle-deep at the  
>> moment.)
> Well we havn't yet. libjingle doesn't play ball with anyone else, but
> there's nobody else to play ball with yet. A Jingle implementation  
> that
> uses "raw UDP" will be trivially gatewayable onto a SIP client, and  
> I'd
> like the same to be possible for ICE-enabled clients too.

There's already a third-party translator out there, which acts as a  
clearinghouse and lets you use SIP, Google Talk, AND the MSN and  
Yahoo voicechats through their service, letting Google Talk people  
talk to Yahoo or SIP or whatever.


So it's definitely technologically possible to gateway these things. ;P

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