[Standards] Do we need STUN?

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Fri Mar 9 00:54:27 UTC 2007

Rachel Blackman wrote:
> There's already a third-party translator out there, which acts as a
> clearinghouse and lets you use SIP, Google Talk, AND the MSN and Yahoo
> voicechats through their service, letting Google Talk people talk to
> Yahoo or SIP or whatever.
> http://www.gtalk2voip.com/
> So it's definitely technologically possible to gateway these things. ;P

Right, there are a lot of pieces of software like Asterisk, FreeSwitch,
Yate, etc, which can terminate calls in some formats (IAX, SIP, Jingle,
etc) and put them out in another format. What I was referring to was the
ability to hook clients of different protocols up "back-to-back", so you
only need to maybe reformat the codec/candidate information but they can
actually stream media directly to each other. MSN and Yahoo use normal
RTP on the wire, and varying degrees of SIP syntax depending on the
version, so you can actually back them up to a traditional SIP or Jingle
UDP client with a little ingenuity. :)

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