[Standards] Re: [OT] UIs for User Confusion

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Mar 9 08:25:36 UTC 2007

Justin Karneges wrote:

> Email is a great example to bring up, because it is made of a collection of 
> protocols, none of which are irreplaceable components of the overall system.  
> If we decided to one day transport email over XMPP instead of over SMTP, we'd 
> still call it email, and we'd still invite users to email us from our 
> webpages with "mailto:" URIs.

i agree with justin and email is a very good example. If you create a 
new accounts in most mail clients they first ask you which kind of 
account you want to add (email, rss etc...), and in the second step if 
you have chosen email they ask you for the protocol (POP, IMAP etc...).

So even Aunt Tillie has to care about the protocol with email. And of 
course all the providers help here with tutorials.

But the difference to IM is that there is currently only one open 
protocol in use, all the others are proprietary and most of them even 
don't have a (public) protocol name.


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