[Standards] XEP-0204: CDO and REX update?

Ryan ryan at evine.ca
Sun Mar 11 23:18:25 UTC 2007

First of all, I would love to hear general thoughts and comments about REX 
(ala http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2007-January/013554.html).

Also, I was hoping someone could explain to me why neither CDO nor REX use 
XSLT to describe updates? See, to me it seems simple enough to have a 
namespace for the documents/objects, and then just keep sending XSLT 
documents to update state. There would of-course be room for some 
optimizations, much like CDO's Update Styles, but the basis would be the 
same. There is already plenty of XSLT implementations, and would leverage the 
standardization work already done. Should we be looking at XEP-0204 more as  
sending/receiving XSLT documents to/from disco#items?

I have done some work on trying to implement a more application specific 
version of CDO, and see this XEP being a major boon to XMPP. Keep up the good 


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