[Standards] Link-Local Messaging comments

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Mar 13 21:35:48 UTC 2007

Justin Karneges wrote:
>>>   In section 6 it says that the stream opening should have no 'to' or
>>> 'from' attributes. Which is kinda unfortunate. This means that when
>>> someone opens a new connection to me, the only information i have is the
>>> ip the connection originated from. If the machine where the connection
>>> originated from has multiple presence, i'll have to wait untill the first
>>> stanza containing a 'from' attribute is received before i can link a
>>> connection to a presence.. If there would be a 'from' attribute in the
>>> stream opening, it would obviously be much easier/elegant.
> That's how the protocol works though.  If you depend on this attribute being 
> present, then you'll lose iChat compatibility.

iChat will presumably be updated in Leopard, no?

What does it mean to "depend" on inclusion of the from and to?

> IMO, it makes a lot of sense for the stream to not identify a particular 
> account during the initial negotiation.  Like s2s, Link-local simply links 
> two systems, and identification of accounts is better placed in the stanzas 
> themselves (which allows multiplexing of one TCP connection for many stanza 
> senders/receivers).


> Unfortunately, iChat doesn't multiplex chats over one connection like this.  
> Instead, it explicitly ties a TCP connection to a contact.  For example, 
> closing a TCP connection is considered to have a meaning similar to 
> the "Gone" XEP-85 chat state.  Weird...  but this is how iChat works.


> So, as much as we can talk about better ways of doing Link-local (what you 
> did), or assumptions/possibilities about the current design (what I just 
> did), it's all kind of moot if we want to retain iChat compatibility.

See above. iChat is not the be-all and end-all of link-local 
communications, I think -- OLPC will be using it more than iChat I think.

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