[Standards] Entity Capabilities Woes

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Thu Mar 15 07:56:26 UTC 2007

> implementation I've ever seen, for instance: it sends the entire
> client name and version as the 'ver' field, and all the disco
> responses to the node/ver/ext combinations return empty disco results.

Ouch :-)

> to find the features instead.  Similarly, I've seen people disagree
> on when/how-often to send the caps field embedded in a message (I
> send it on the first message to a given contact, and then never
> again), and so on.

It should probably move to chat session negotiation. Nevertheless, we
don't really do caps in messages (although it would be trivial to
add), but I would expect that when a client implements it, it would
automatically work if you send it only once per session (unless the
client goes through the trouble of clearing it after every message,
which is actually more work). But you're right, it might need clearing

> A simple 'how to do this well' might help clear some of that up. :)

Unless one of the original authors volunteer, I might have a try at
adding some clarifications to the XEP (if I can, I haven't read the
XEP in a while now).


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