[Standards] Entity Capabilities Woes

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Mar 15 15:33:14 UTC 2007

Daniel Henninger wrote:
> Hrm.  Thanks Remko!  That's very helpful!  Is the intention of this XEP 
> to do away with "just announcing your capabilities via disco"?  Like 
> should I expect to no longer get useful results from a standard disco 
> info query?  Is the client expected to duplicate the fact that it 
> supports muc both in the capabilities node and in it's ... "base" node?  
> Or is it something that I would really need to do something like:
> --> Got Presence of person I haven't seen before
>  does it have capabilities?
>  Yes?  Do a capabilities disco inquiry
 >  No?  Do a standard disco inquiry

If you get capabilities via presence and the caps info matches a 
node+ver you've cached, then there's no need to do ANY disco queries 
since you already know what the client supports. If the node#ver is 
unknown to you, then you need to go through the disco dance (query to 
"base" node#ver plus any node#ext combinations) in order to figure out 
what that client supports. Then cache that info and you don't need to 
ask again whenever you see that combination.


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