[Standards] certification etc.

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Fri Mar 16 20:58:30 UTC 2007

>>>> Even if we don't do certification, we need to sort out some of  
>>>> the growing incompatibilities; we already have clients who are  
>>>> adding their own mutant markup for sending images c2c embedded  
>>>> in messages, because we can't even seem to agree on a single c2c  
>>>> stream initiation system that would allow AIM-style 'direct  
>>>> connect' for sending images.
>>> Please name names (I'm a firm believer in public shaming), start  
>>> a thread about each feature we need to work on, and let's solve  
>>> these problems.
>> I believe Coversant was examining ways to send images in  
>> messages.  (JD?  Someone?)  I know I'm looking at options for in  
>> Astra.  Ideally, I'd us to use the same thing, but if I don't,  
>> hey, I'll go with my own.  (Probably an 'img' element with a  
>> 'jhttp' protocol portion, referencing a file to be picked up over  
>> Google's Jingle-based HTTP-FT thing.)
> Well in-band images have their own issues (image spam anyone?). But  
> if you receive them from known entities then I suppose there might  
> be nice aspects to them.

This sort of begs its own thread, but while I know that they can be  
abused, they're one of the more oft-requested features I see from  
users.  'AIM can send images,' I hear.  And now our own Astra, too,  
can send images and 'ink' (handwritten tablet) images.  I frequently  
get 'why can't I send images to my friends on Google Talk' or similar  

If it really is a problem the XMPP community doesn't want to solve,  
then yes, client authors will roll their own solutions.  Ideally,  
they'll collaborate on those solutions so that the clients can do it  
in a compatible manner, and then we have a sort of ad-hoc standard.   
But I'd think ideally it should be an extension to the standards,  
myself.  An optional one, no doubt, but one nonetheless.

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