[Standards] inline images (was: certification etc.)

Andreas Monitzer jig at monitzer.com
Sat Mar 17 10:56:05 UTC 2007

On Mar 16, 2007, at 21:58, Rachel Blackman wrote:

>> Well in-band images have their own issues (image spam anyone?).  
>> But if you receive them from known entities then I suppose there  
>> might be nice aspects to them.

This could be avoided by only allowing this from people on your roster.

> This sort of begs its own thread, but while I know that they can be  
> abused, they're one of the more oft-requested features I see from  
> users.  'AIM can send images,' I hear.  And now our own Astra, too,  
> can send images and 'ink' (handwritten tablet) images.  I  
> frequently get 'why can't I send images to my friends on Google  
> Talk' or similar requests.
> If it really is a problem the XMPP community doesn't want to solve,  
> then yes, client authors will roll their own solutions.  Ideally,  
> they'll collaborate on those solutions so that the clients can do  
> it in a compatible manner, and then we have a sort of ad-hoc  
> standard.  But I'd think ideally it should be an extension to the  
> standards, myself.  An optional one, no doubt, but one nonetheless.

I actually brought up that issue on this list (well, when it was  
called the jig-list) around August last year when I worked on  
implementing XMPP in Adium. I came up with a solution involving  
inline RFC2397-based images for small stuff such as smilies, and  
regular file transfers for larger images. I even considered writing  
up a XEP on it. However, my schedule after that didn't allow me to  
pursue this any further :(

Maybe this should be brought up again, maybe some folks could even  
collaborate on this?
Ideally, this should be file transfer method-agnostic, so sending  
large images is not that simple as it seems.


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