[Standards] Re: Feedback on I/O Object Forms

Egon Willighagen egon.willighagen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 11:22:48 UTC 2007

Chris Mullins wrote:
> I don't agree with that - I use X-Data all over the place for
> machine-to-machine communication.
> The biggest plus (to me) for using X-Data is the HUGE amount of support it
> already has in existing SDK's. For example the SDK with which I'm most
> familiar is the SoapBox Framework - we've got thousands of lines of code
> that operate on these forms and make them easy to use. 

That sounds actually like an argument that the existing technologies are not
optimal, that they specification is difficult to work with and that one
needs glue around it to make it workable... Similar things I have seen with

> Converting an 
> initial form to a Submit form is all done, as are all the checks for
> things like required fields. Yes, there are GUI tools there too, but
> there's no need to use them.
> Adding a new field to X-Data is way less work than creating a new
> Data-Forms-Like infrastructure.

That means modification of the X-Data XEP, and confirms our point that it
the X-Data XEP not working quite fit for this situation.

Actually, is it a complete mismatch. The XS Data types (second edition)
writes [1]:

"Thus, string, as a simple type that can contain only characters but not
child elements, is often not suitable for representing text."

So, the 'xs:string' content X-Data only allows according to the
specification does not apply the XML content. And that is what we require. 

Therefore, X-Data cannot be used at all, even if we tweaks things. Using XML
content simply violates the specification.

>> X-Data is just *one* data envelope, not *the*
>> data envelope.
> I agree with you there. On the other hand, based on the examples I've seen
> (and that you have described) it seems like a pretty good fit.

Yeah, SOAP over HTTP is also a pretty good fit. We do not want a 'pretty
good fit', we want to make a clean and simple proposal.



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