[Standards] Entity Capabilities Woes

Daniel Noll daniel at noll.id.au
Sat Mar 17 12:03:28 UTC 2007

On Saturday 17 March 2007 22:19, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Really, i think that XEP-0115 is good, I think that you just fail to
> understand the exact meaning of the ext attribute.
> let's quote the XEP (§4.1)
> | The names of the feature bundles MUST NOT be used for semantic purposes:
> | they are merely identifiers that will be used in other use cases.

Nope, actually I understood that.  I got tripped up by the fact they they DO 
have semantics, being that they don't change between versions of the same 
client.  Originally I would have expected something like a "ftrans" extension 
to add extra features over time.

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