[Standards] pubsub/pep auto-creation

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Mar 20 17:02:15 UTC 2007

>  Although you are moving the
> 'how' of the publishing to the item itself from the client
> perspective, it will still boil down to making a node public or
> private, but it sounds cleaner to think about and to program.

I forgot to mention this: moving the 'how' from the node to the
published event also avoids the problems that one has with the
separated approach: in theory, each time your client wants to publish
a new item, it should either check that the configuration of the node
is still what the client expects it to be for publishing the item
(i.e. public or private), or keep track of configuration changes of
the nodes it is publishing to, and change the node each time the
configuration changed, in case other resources are publishing with a
different setting.


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