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Fair enough those reasons make good sense. So I think most of us are in agreement now that stream compression should be required for servers. Optional for clients. But is the required going to be in basic or intermediate server profiles?

Btw, the community needs to push sun to get efficient xml into the next j2me release that would help out cell phone xmpp clients quite a bit.


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> 4) agree further discussion is needed but i haven't heard any  
> technical arguments on why stream compression should not be  
> required for clients.

Mostly because there are some environments (notably, as was already  
pointed out, some Flash and web-embedded client situations) where  
compression is exceptionally difficult.  Additionally, there may be  
other situations where Zlib simply cannot be included; clients built  
in environments where, for security purposes, you cannot link to  
anything outside a 'default kit' which might not even contain Zlib,  
for instance.  If you put stream compression in as part of XMPP Basic  
Client requirements -- the 'deepest' level of specification, that  
everyone must implement -- then you basically ensure no client in  
that set will ever be able to gain certification.

Requiring it on servers at the most basic specification makes perfect  
sense; it needs to be there to make the feature useful to the clients  
that do implement it.  Requiring it in clients seems not only  
unnecessary, but counter-productive. :)

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