[Standards] Inband Images

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Wed Mar 28 17:20:56 UTC 2007

> On Mar 28, 2007, at 04:44, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > Andreas Monitzer wrote:
> >> Wouldn't it be easier to just use a data-url for the image? That
> >> already works with the current xhtml-xmpp spec.
> >> (only for small images, though, but this would be ideal for
> >> emoticons)
> >
> > Something that's ideal for small images is what we're looking for
> > IMHO. Did you ever write up your data-url approach on the wiki or
> > in a post to the list?
> I posted it to the list several times, but I haven't written a wiki
> page about it. Theoretically, this approach should already be
> supported by every xmpp client that can render xhtml-im. Practically,
> most might not if they implemented their own renderer.
> andy

AFAIK Internet Explorer doesn't support this (at least, from what I've
read on wiki). I know that's the render for at least a few popular
Windows based clients...


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