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Results of the XMPP Council meeting held 2007-03-28...





0. Roll Call

All Council members (Ralph Meijer, Chris Mullins, Ian Paterson, Peter
Saint-Andre, Kevin Smith) in attendance. Quorum achieved.

1. XEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging

Advance version 0.12 to Draft?

Questions about interoperability (or lack thereof) between existing
implementations. Peter to contact implementors for final feedback. Peter
to also add version='1.0' to examples and explain usage of the version
flag (same as RFC 3920).

2. XEP-0202: Entity Time

Advance version 0.2 to Draft?

All council members +1. Editor to advance status to Draft.

3. XEP-0203: Delayed Delivery

Advance version 0.2 to Draft?

Ralph -1 pending removal of service discovery section. Peter to remove
and publish version 0.3.

4. PubSub/PEP: publish+configure

Very long discussion about this topic. No consensus. Peter to send mail
to Standards list summarizing discussion so that consensus can be reached.

5. - 13.

Remaining items not discussed for lack of time.


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