[Standards] Re: Inband Images

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Wed Mar 28 21:43:38 UTC 2007

> > Larger images would use an approach similar to the one used in HTML
> > mails, the message packet would also include a  hash to avoid doing
> the
> > same file transfer multiple times.
> > Keep in mind that file transfers take 1-2sec to set up best case, so
> it
> > should be avoided at all cost.
> MSN seems to manage ok, the way MSN works is that it uses a method
> similar to the cid method documented on the wiki, where it just
> transmits the file hash of the image, and if the receiver does not
> already have the image it uses an IBB file transfer mechanism to
> download it from the sender, this has the massive benefit of only
> transferring the image data if the receiver does not already have it,
> potentially saving a lot of bandwidth that would otherwise be wasted
> the image data was transferred even if the receiver already had it (as
> the data: method would work).

I agree with Richard here. We should just use one method and a
bytestream with a hash is at the top of my list. Like I mentioned in my
last post, there's no reason we can't just use a long lived IBB and a
queue (or for the more adventurous a long lived p2p connection of some


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