[Standards] pubsub/pep auto-creation

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Thu Mar 29 08:36:06 UTC 2007

> As I understand it, the argument is that if we allow publish+configure
> then clients can simply replace the line of code where they do IQ-set
> for "jabber:iq:private" with a line that sends publish+configure. Easy
> transition.

Plus, I will never implement iq:private in Psi if I cannot guarantee
that my node publishing is private. And even without the race
condition (possibly solved by a transaction system that will be
standardized and widely implemented by servers and maybe one client
with enough willpower in a year or 5), I would strongly object to
implementing a check that the node still is private and change
configuration every time i want to publish private data. This is just
against all our principles of keeping everything simple.

To me, the situation sounds like this:
- publish+configure+auto-create solves bugs and problems
- Client implementors want this *a lot*
- It sounds to me that this involves only 10 extra lines of code for
server implementations
Why are we still discussing this?!


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