MUC bookmarks (was: Re: [Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Metacontacts)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Thu Mar 29 15:02:31 UTC 2007

Mridul wrote:
> Ian Paterson wrote:
>> Remko Tronçon wrote:
>>>> Why using PEP here will help ? Isn't PEP used to publish some
>>>> information to other comtoncts ? In this case we'll never publish our
>>>> metacontact list to others ...
>>> There is a general feeling in the community that PEP should be used
>>> for storing private data (such as options and meta-contacts) as well,
>>> because we can, and because it only requires a PEP implementation (and
>>> no longer a separate implementation for iq:private).
>> PEP fixes iq:private's synchronization issues between multiple active
>> resources of the same user.
> Yes, this is indeed a problem - especially for the well known namespaces
> like bookmarks, etc which clients sometimes expect to be in sync.
> We have faced this issue in the past too w.r.t conference bookmarks.

I think there is a better way to store bookmarks to groupchat rooms: put 
them in your roster. It's just a JID, right? Here is how I see that 
working for rooms that I want to bookmark (not needed for transient 
joins, but helpful for rooms I care to revisit regularly):

1. I register with a room such as jdev at

2. jdev at sends me a presence subscription request.

3. I approve the presence subscription request, thus adding jdev to my 
roster (probably sub "from" only is needed, but the subscription could 
be mutual). My client should know what kind of entity it is when I 
register with it, so it can add jdev to my "Groupchat Rooms" roster group.

4. If another one of my resources removes or modifies the item, the 
resource I'm using gets informed via roster push.

5. Added bonus: auto-join! When I log in, my server sends presence to 
jdev at (NOT jdev at mind 
you). The room can now send me an invitation to join, which my client 
can either pop up in my face ("want to join jdev this morning?") or 
enable me to auto-join, based on user preferences.

That flow requires the MUC server to do presence subscriptions for 
registered users, but I could add a room to my roster even without that 
functionality (but we wouldn't get the cool auto-join stuff).



Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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