[Standards] Question regarding (rejected) JEP-0015: Account transfer

Alexis Papadopoulos papadopa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 20:18:46 UTC 2007

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first of all let me start by saying that I'm not 100% certain that
this is the mailing-list I should be posting into, but end-user and
developer didn't seem suitable.

I'm what you could call a newbie to XMPP (being using jabber for a
couple of years now, but I'm not quite familiar with the protocol
itself). I'm at this moment having some problems with my Jabber
provider. Although I'm more than pleased with the quality of the
service (given that it is for free and done on the free time of the
administrator), the idea of account migration struck me again.

I have in the past searched a bit if such a thing was possible,
because I wasn't yet settled on a precise server and was trying to see
if I could find a better than the one I had. I had came across a Java
utility (can't remember the link, but it's not that relevant) that
offered to transfer all contacts from one account to another. That was
more than enough for me, since I'm not using any transports or special
services that might be difficult to migrate to a new server. However,
I thought that there would be a problem regarding subscriptions. If my
contacts accepted my invitation coming from my current account, I need
to ask again for the authorization with my new account, right ?

Anyway, I took the time tonight to search a bit in all the JEPs
because I was positive that this issue must had risen sometime. And
there came JEP 0015. I've read the (at least some of the first)
mailing-posts that were made around January, February 2002 and saw
that it was rejected in October of the same year. I would really like
to take a pick more closely to this issue and see what the problems
were by curiosity, but also (who knows) maybe a solution could be found...

Is there any more information regarding this JEP, or any other similar
attempt, that you could point me to ? (I must first get a grip on XMPP
itself, and then focus on this particular field, but I'm collecting
info for the time being).

Thanks in advance for your comments,
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