[Standards] Requirement for a replacement to iq:private

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Fri Mar 30 10:49:05 UTC 2007


We are talking about replacing iq:private by pep
Anyway, I think that PEP doesn't have (yet?) all requirement for a good 
remplacement of iq:private

(This is my opinion)
Here are requirement I see

 1- Storing and retrieving an XML file should be as easy as in iq:private 
    (ie: one single <iq/> to store or retrieve)
 2- When a resource modify the file, others connected resource that requested
    it should be notified

 3- If a client has kept the data in cache and the file has not been modified
    since the last connection, there is no need to download the file again

 4- (optional) Client should be able to add sub-items or modify them without
    requiring uploading the whole content

 5- (optional) If a client has kept the data in cache, and some sub-items have
    been modified, added, or removed,  only changed sub-items should be

 6- The "private" storage would also allow to retrieve server data or config.
    (roster, privacy list, xep-0136 settings, message archive, ...)

 7- (would be cool) Compatibility with jabber:iq:private. (ie: when you
    request the node 'storage:bookmarks'  you get what have been stored with
    old client. And if old client continue to store to jabber:iq:private, it
    is updated)

I think that PEP cover only #1 (if p+c)  and #2  but not #3 actually

note that #3 can be achieved easily with something like XEP-0150 (ie. by 
sending a revision when requesting the xml file, and the server could return 
an error <up-to-date/> )

#5 would just require to add an id and a revision number to each item (and 
remember items that have been removed)

#6 and #7 are just implementation detail to keep in mind on the server 

Related: What about using XEP-0059 ( Result Set Management )  in pubsub ?

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