[Standards] Jingle session lifetime

Lauri Kaila lauri.kaila at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 12:20:43 UTC 2007

Dear list,

Is it acceptable behaviour to send Jingle action stanzas (transport
candidates) immediately after session-initiate, before IQ response is
received? Google Talk seems to do that. It does optimize the session
setup time, but I'd interpret XEP-0166 so that the session isn't in
PENDING state before it's provisionally accepted. If the recipient
sends an error response to session-initiate, it likely sends
<unknown-session/> to the orphanded actions.

Another case when the validity of the session isn't quite clear to me
is when two clients send session-terminate simultaneously. The clients
will receive terminate right after they sent their own. Should the
client send ok response or <out-of-order/> or maybe even

There is also the "quick key" case: The initiator wishes to end
session before it has received the provisional response. I think the
correct way to handle this is simply wait for the response and send
terminate right after. But it would be simpler for implementation to
send session-terminate immediately, ignore incoming error stanzas and
response with <unknown-session/> for possible incoming actions.

I'm not saying that these need to be covered by the spec. Just asking
if someone has any comments?


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