[Standards] publish+configure again

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Fri Mar 30 12:36:39 UTC 2007

Maciek Niedzielski wrote:
> So as long as
> it is possible to configure a node without publishing new item that
> replaces old one, p+c won't work.

p+c will make it much less likely, but *not* impossible, that clients 
will inadvertently interfere with one another.

p+c will generally stop unintended combinations of data and config 
settings (for single persisted item nodes at least). But of course it 
won't do that if another client deliberately changes the config without 
publishing. (Unless you're suggesting that we forbid config changes 
without publishing!!??)

Nobody is saying p+c fixes everything perfectly. It just offers various 
advantages that most of the client developers here still seem to be very 
keen on despite a very long debate.

- Ian

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