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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Mar 30 20:12:26 UTC 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> 3. Support publish+configure only on first publish. If the node does not 
> exist on publish, the server shall create the node and apply the 
> specified configuration. If the node already exists on publish, the 
> server shall publish the item only if the configure part of the 
> publish+configure matches the existing node config, otherwise it shall 
> return an error ("config-does-not-match") and the client must complete 
> the normal flow for modifying the node config before the item can be 
> published. This doesn't give you (the illusion of) per-item access 
> control nor the ability to change the node config via publish, but it 
> does give you fire-and-forget the first time around and it mostly [1] 
> ensures that items are not published with undesirable access controls. 
> Servers would need to check the config on publish+configure and return 
> an error if they don't match. Clients would need to properly handle the 
> config-does-not-match error case. Node configs are modified only by 
> explicit node-configuration change (not implicitly via p+c).
> Maybe this is the best of both worlds. Maybe it is the worst of both 
> worlds. You decide.

FWIW, Ian Paterson pinged my via IM as follows:


[14:04:15] Hi Peter, I think option 3 is a very good compromise. I can't 
say that myself because I can't send email where I am right now.



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