[Standards] PEP private nodes

Joe Hildebrand hildjj at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 22:49:40 UTC 2007

We've been talking here about how to break out of this discussion  
about how to get private nodes correctly in PEP.  Here's another way  
to do it other than the two that we have so far.

Whenever a client publishes the first item to a node that ends in  
"+private", the server creates the node with a default access model  
of "whitelist", with an empty list.  The intent is that these nodes  
SHOULD stay private, but a client, at the explicit direction of a  
user MAY change the access model.  I'm actually flexible on this last  
point; i'd be happy to make that SHOULD a MUST, and take out the MAY.

So as an example, public bookmarks go into the "urn:xmpp:bookmarks"  
node, and private bookmarks go into "urn:xmpp:bookmarks+private".

My assumption is that the only case where two correctly-written  
clients may have a legitimate difference of world view is over  
privacy.  If this is true, then just declaring the intent up-front  
cleans up all of the race conditions and dueling-client scenarios.

Joe Hildebrand

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