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This message summarizes the XMPP Council discussion regarding pubsub,
PEP, and iq:private held on 2007-05-12 and archived here:


The high-level consensus is:

1. We would eventually like to get to the point where every XMPP account
is a generic virtual pubsub service (a.k.a. "pubsub-on-a-JID").

2. The intent is that PEP and other pubsub profiles are means to the end
of pubsub-on-a-JID.

3. Pubsub profiles (e.g., PEP) shall consist only of combinations of
pubsub features. This way, each profile and associated service disovery
identity (e.g., "pubsub/pep") is simply defined as a list of supported
pubsub features and particular defaults (e.g., presence access model).

4. To facilitate the creation of pubsub profiles, every pubsub feature
should be defined in XEP-0060 (not in profile specs) and must be
discoverable as summarized in Section 10 of XEP-0060.

5. XEP-0060 and XEP-0163 do not necessarily make the foregoing clear or
conform to this consensus. They may need to be modified. Peter will
investigate and report back to the Council.

6. It is reasonable to define pubsub profiles that support more (or
different) features than PEP but less than full pubsub.

7. Is it reasonable to define a pubsub profile that will enable personal
publishing of information such as public keys and user profiles. Ian and
Ralph will work on such a profile.

8. It is reasonable to define a pubsub profile that will enable storage
of so-called "private data". Ian or Ralph or Peter may work on such a
profile (which may be the same as the personal publishing profile).

9. We need to be careful about the interaction of pubsub profiles, so
that each profile is separate and distinct.

10. Some profiles may be arranged in a hierarchy; while hierarchy is
optional, it may be desirable in certain contexts (e.g., if the virtual
pubsub service at an XMPP account will be used both for personal
eventing and personal publishing, then personal publishing should be PEP
plus several additional features).

Corrections and amplifications are welcome.


Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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