[Standards] stream errors in 206

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Fri May 4 10:40:24 UTC 2007

> Alex Wenckus wrote:
>>> For example, only if the agreed 'ver' is 1.7 or greater then the 
>>> points 1 and 2 MUST be allowed.
>> For each subsequent version of the XEP it will get progressively more
>> difficult to maintain server/connection manager code if particular
>> things are added to each and every version. It gets to the point,
>> depending on how the server is handling errors where you have to check
>> versions throughout the code. I thought it was acceptable as a one time
>> thing for the 1.6 release but it maybe better to accept that the newer
>> version will break older clients then having the server distinguish
>> between each version and know what it can and can't send to the client.

I tend to agree. Although I think we need feedback from as many XEP-0124 
developers as possible before I'm confident to proceed and recommend 
this change to the council.

XEP-0206 should at least include an informational note to developers 
about "obsolete" earlier versions of the protocol.

- Ian

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