[Standards] compliance levels for 2008

Mridul Muralidharan mridul at sun.com
Sun May 6 06:25:01 UTC 2007


1) I am not very sure of including entity capabilities in the basic spec.
There are known issues of how to poison caps information, how to flood 
an xmpp network with bogus caps information, the 'server optimization' 
can be exploited, etc.
It could be argued out as implementation details, but unless these are 
discussed with some guidelines arrived at on how to tackle them (or fix 
the spec), forcing everyone to implement it in the assumption of trusted 
clients/servers might not be a good idea.
It is a very useful xep, but there are still security related blanks to 
be filled in.

2) "XMPP Intermediate Client 2008" could be renamed "XMPP Intermediate 
Chat Client 2008".
 From an xmpp client point of view, none of the requirements are 
relevant : only if it is a chat client.
And why muc & not pubsub ? Given that pep is being pushed aggressively, 
pubsub makes more sense than muc since it has a greater extensibility value.

3) JID Escaping (106) should be included in Basic client & server spec.

4) Some form of communication blocking - (preferably privacy list :-) ) 
in intermediate client & server spec. (Which should be done is 
conflicting in the rfc's)

5) data forms (4) ? jud (55) ? amp (79) ?


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> At the "XMPP Summit" held after FOSDEM in late February, we decided to 
> more clearly define compliance levels for XMPP servers and clients. As 
> part of that effort, the XMPP Council promised to:
> 1. Define updated compliance levels each year.
> 2. Complete definition of the next year's levels by June 30.
> Since 2007-06-30 is fast approaching, we need to complete our work on 
> the 2008 compliance levels soon. To that end we recently published three 
> XEPs:
> XEP-0211: XMPP Basic Client 2008
>           http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0211.html
> XEP-0212: XMPP Basic Server 2008
>           http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0212.html
> XEP-0213: XMPP Intermediate Client 2008
>           http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0213.html
> (There is no "intermediate server" level because the intermediate 
> features we have defined so far are all client-side features, but that 
> may change as a result of discussion on this list.)
> These documents are on a "fast track" so that the XMPP Council can 
> approve them by June 30. I propose the following schedule:
> 1. April 30 - May 30
>    Open discussion on standards at xmpp.org list.
> 2. May 30
>    XMPP Council issues Last Call on XEPs 211-213.
> 3. May 30 - June 20
>    Last Call discussion on standards at xmpp.org list.
> 4. June 27
>    XMPP Council votes on advancing XEPs 211-213 to Draft.
> Please provide your feedback sooner rather than later.
> Thanks!
> Peter

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