[Standards] Re: compliance levels for 2008

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri May 11 14:36:20 UTC 2007

> Wait, I thought MUC was usually a component rather than a feature of the
> server itself (with the exception of a couple of servers which bundle that
> module with the server itself.)  It wouldn't really make sense to require
> the server software itself to support it, except to say that it shouldn't
> do anything to prevent a component being written.
> Daniel

Yea exactly, MUC is effectively its own server on the network (even if 
it isnt physically), IMO it might be a good idea to have separate server 
compliance specs for the different types of server, i.e.

XMPP Basic Server 2008
XMPP Basic MUC Server 2008

"Basic Server" would just become the requirements for a server that 
hosts user accounts (i.e. client connections), Basic MUC Server would 
have the various specs required for a MUC server/component, i.e. 
XEP0045, XEP0030 etc.


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