[Standards] Re: compliance levels for 2008

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Fri May 11 16:25:01 UTC 2007

> > Wait, I thought MUC was usually a component rather than a feature of
> the
> > server itself (with the exception of a couple of servers which
> that
> > module with the server itself.)  It wouldn't really make sense to
> require
> > the server software itself to support it, except to say that it
> shouldn't
> > do anything to prevent a component being written.

Historically MUC has been a component. More recently, it is just another
feature that bundle with their core server. Of course, it CAN be another
component and is likely implemented that way. However, that's completely
beside the point. In an XMPP IM environment people have grown accustomed
to MUC. Whether you implement it in your server or provide a third party
component that implements it, you must have it to be compliant!

Heck, we didn't write our TLS library, compression library, socket
library, etc. They're just components in our system, but they definitely
count toward compliance!


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