Rw: [Standards] compliance levels for 2008

Tomasz Sterna tomek at
Mon May 14 21:35:18 UTC 2007

Dnia 14-05-2007, Pn o godzinie 12:17 -0700, JD Conley napisał(a):
> Also, the component protocol needs to be updated to be more XMPP
> friendly and secure (AKA use stream:features and SASL),

jabberd2 component protocol is a good basis for this.

>  as well as be
> coupled with a suite of protocols for performing common tasks
> component
> writers crave like: GetAllBareJIDResourcePresences, [...]

Do we really need all these?

I don't see a reason for anything more than authenticated hooking into
packet router and binding a set of domains to route into the component.
Component does it's own packet handling.

Anything more is something like a component-framework put in a server.
It's a JCR, jadperl etc. component job, not server's.

Tomasz Sterna
Xiaoka Grp.

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