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Results of the XMPP Council meeting held 2007-05-16...





0. Roll Call

All Council members except Ralph Meijer in attendance (i.e., Chris
Mullins, Ian Paterson, Peter Saint-Andre, Kevin Smith). Quorum achieved.

1. Next Meeting

Tentatively scheduled for May 30 (Chris unavailable that date).

2. XEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging

No objections to including multiple JIDs or emails in TXT records.

Peter has contacted the DNS-SD "registrar" regarding changes to the
registry for the presence service type.

Spec probably ready for a vote at next meeting.

3. XEP-0004: Data Forms

Approve Version 2.8? No objections. Ralph to vote on list.

4. XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams

Approve Version 1.7? No objections. Ralph to vote on list.

5. XEP-0156: Discovering Alternative XMPP Connection Methods

Issue Last Call? No objections. Not clear if this spec will be useful to
developers and admins, feedback will be sought during Last Call.

6. XEP-0199: XMPP Ping

Issue Last Call? No objections. Seemingly in wide use already.

7. ProtoXEP: STUN Server Discovery for Jingle

Accept version 0.0.5 as a XEP? No objections.

8. ProtoXEP: Hop Check

Accept version 0.0.3 as a XEP? Council has not reviewed yet. To consider
at next meeting.

9. ProtoXEP: Private Multi-User Conferencing

Accept version 0.0.1 as a XEP? Council has not reviewed yet. To consider
at next meeting.

10. Pubsub

Peter has not yet completed his analysis of XEP-0060 and XEP-0163, will
do by end of this week.

11. Left off agenda!

ProtoXEP: XMPP Intermediate IM Server 2008

Council members: If you have objections to accepting this as a XEP,
please post to the list by end of week.


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