[Standards] Presence Priority Implementation Guide

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Wed May 16 21:50:41 UTC 2007

JD Conley wrote:
> After the “away from the computer” rules are processed, the relative
> availability of your peer resources is taken into account. If any peer
> was more recently more available (had a more available show value than
> your current value – chat, none/dnd, away, then xa) and has a
> non-negative priority, subtract 20 from your current priority. For
> example: I’m logged in at home and work. At home I last announced
> available presence 4 hours ago. My software at home never puts me into
> “xa” and instead decides I am “away” after 30 minutes. Home priority
> is now 32 (40-8). At work I last announced available presence 3 hours
> ago with a “none” show value. I go to lunch at work but it is
> configured to reach a show value of xa after 30 minutes. Its priority
> is now 28 (40-12). However, since work was my last active resource,
> when my home resource receives the broadcast from work it adjusts
> itself to a presence priority of 12 (32-20). The purpose of this is to
> insure that only the most recently available resource above more
> available than away/xa is the one that takes the higher priority.

I question the various show values. The reason I do is based on the fact
that I usually set my home computer to "xa" prior to heading to work.
That comes in handy because I occasionally send messages to my client at
home containing URLs and what not. Unfortunately I have an hour drive to
work and occasionally I'll have messages sent to me during the drive. A
negative priority would be perfect for this situation where I don't want
messages delivered to home while I'm still offline everywhere else.

Given your rules however, I would end up with a priority of 28 (40 -
12). Not exactly ideal in my [mis]use case. My home client would still
receive messages during my drive. What would be ideal in my case would
be to have the 30 minute value completely negated by the XA value, or a
pseudo-offline status that leaves me online but with a negative priority.

Just my two cents,
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