[Standards] Presence Priority Implementation Guide

Stephen Pendleton pendleto at movsoftware.com
Thu May 17 15:44:59 UTC 2007

Are there any server implementations that will deliver "initial" or all
messages to all connected resources of a contact? I have found the most
common complaint I get is that messages get delivered to the "wrong"

As an example, if I am connected using a desktop client and a mobile client
I would want messages from a JID to be sent to both my desktop and mobile
client and only after I respond to a message I would want further messages
sent by that JID to be sent only to the resource I used.

This is similar in use case to mobile email where a person has their email
configured on their cell phone and desktop to "keep messages" on the server
so I can read my email and respond using either device.

I would think this is a very common case.

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> I question the various show values. The reason I do is based on the 
> fact that I usually set my home computer to "xa" prior to heading to 
> work. That comes in handy because I occasionally send messages to my 
> client at home containing URLs and what not. Unfortunately I have an 
> hour drive to work and occasionally I'll have messages sent to me 
> during the drive. A negative priority would be perfect for this 
> situation where I don't want messages delivered to home while I'm 
> still offline everywhere else.

Good Point.

I think this would be best as a user selectable option of "Don't send
messages here" when they go to put in their presence status message. This is
similar to the state I mentioned in the mobile text in response to Joe's
comments. Thoughts?


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