[Standards] Presence Priority Implementation Guide

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu May 17 16:24:16 UTC 2007

> Are there any server implementations that will deliver "initial" or  
> all
> messages to all connected resources of a contact? I have found the  
> most
> common complaint I get is that messages get delivered to the "wrong"
> resource.

If I'm connected to Google Talk via both my home client and my mobile  
client, and someone sends to the bare JID, it seems to send to both,  
but stops after I've replied from one of the two connected resources;  
all further messages go just to that one.

However, the caveat there is that both home and mobile are using the  
same priority, and the other people are invariably using the Gmail  
Web Client; I have no idea if the behavior in this case is server- 
side behavior or partially the Gmail client.  I haven't bothered to  
check yet, so my thought is that Google's client sends to the bare  
JID initially and the server forwards it to more than one connected  
resource; when I reply, the Google client sends further messages to  
the fully-qualified JID it got a reply from.

Someone at Google might be able to clarify, but the point is that at  
least one server seems to deliver any bare-JID messages to at least  
all highest-priority connected resources.

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