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Adam Nemeth aadaam at gmail.com
Tue May 29 18:41:32 UTC 2007


On 5/29/07, Mridul Muralidharan <mridul at sun.com> wrote:

> For most cases (I do agree, not all), why would a client need to
> specifically address a resource ?
> Communicating with the most available resource would happen
> automatically while talking to bare jid...

Here are my cases in a first thought:
	- Capabilities (for voice, for certain XEP-support) - these can be
taken to be granted
	- Talking to my 'stayed-at-home' identity (my desktop computer from
my mobile, for reading mails, messages, etc)
	- Message has higher / lower priority than normal (=> send a funny
link to my desktop, because it isn't as important, even when mobile is
higher priority currently; send an alert to my cellphone, because it
beeps, even it has less priority for comfort reasons)

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