[Standards] XEP-0124: terminate

Mridul Muralidharan mridul at sun.com
Wed May 30 16:42:11 UTC 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Ian Paterson wrote:
>> Mridul Muralidharan wrote:
>>> Now, the other interesting question would be :
>>> What happens for retransmit requests after session has been terminated.
>>> We hold it around for 'some time' before kicking them off (not really 
>>> dependent on wait/inactivity time).
>> That's really nice of you. :-)
>> I agree it's an interesting question. I'm not yet sure we should force 
>> all connection managers to be as kind as yours - especially since 
>> providing a successful reply to a retransmit request under any 
>> circumstances is only a SHOULD, not a MUST.
>> Does anyone strongly believe that CMs SHOULD respond even after the 
>> client has terminated the session? If not (only MAY respond) then IMHO 
>> we could even leave this behaviour unspecified. [But that might be 
>> because I'm more lazy in the small hours of the night.]
> I think MAY is appropriate here. IMHO if the client has requests 
> outstanding and it really cares about what happens with those, it 
> shouldn't send a terminate.
> Peter

The problem is more like this (simple case) :
C: Rq1
S: Rp1
C: Rq2
S: Rp2
C: Rqterm
S: Rpterm

Where Rq is request and Rp is response.
In this case, Rp1, Rp2 might be lost, so could Rpterm.
In these cases, client could ask for retransmission of those.

If server kicks out sid session as soon as it sends Rpterm, we would not 
be able to retransmit any of the above.


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