[Standards] geoloc: PEP=user, <iq>=resource

Joe Hildebrand hildjj at gmail.com
Thu May 31 16:05:24 UTC 2007

On May 31, 2007, at 9:21 AM, Ian Paterson wrote:

>> Actually, once PEP starts to be more deployed (hopefully later  
>> this year), I'd like to remove/deprecate the non-PEP parts of XEP-80.
> Yes. In fact maybe that should be done now - to avoid (new)  
> implementations of the non-PEP parts? As things stand, if you have  
> two online resources in different physical locations, then they  
> will indicate that your corporeal body is in two different places  
> at the same time!

I'm ok with that, pending the outcome of this discussion.

> It might also be useful to add a second namespace to the XEP (or  
> publish another XEP) that will allow resources to indicate in a  
> standard way where they are (<description>Home</description>,  
> <description>Office</description>, etc.). The value of the 'id'  
> attribute of each pubsub <item/> could be the associated resource  
> identifier string.

Why not just use:

   <geoloc xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/geoloc'>

This captures exactly what you want; a description of the location of  
the device.

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