[Standards] Binary data over XMPP

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Nov 6 10:44:51 UTC 2007

> Ever tried to get FTP protocol through FW/NAT?
> It requires protocol level command channel tracking, to find out related
> data channels and let them in.
> Special handling, special modules, special setup - ergo: nobody bothers.
Well as has been already pointed out by Dave what you are talking about 
(PORT FTP) is completely different from what I suggested in that its the 
client opening the port and not the server, what I was suggesting was 
the server having an extra port open (or even the normal XMPP C2S port 
with a special negotiation turning it into a framed binary connection) 
and just maintaining two connections to the server, one that carries the 
normal XMPP traffic and one that carries the binary frames, you could 
even just use a single framed binary connection (rather than two) and 
have a special XMPP XML frame type to denote it containing XMPP stanzas, 
this is what I do in my server implementation which supports framed as 
well as normal XMPP streams, among other things I find it makes 
implementing a low overhead keepalive/pingpong protocol a whole lot easier.
> This is one of the reasons why HTTP (one connection) is omnipresent,
> even for file archives, and FTP is becoming forgotten.
Sorry but that is not the actual reason by any means, and there are 
plenty of FTP archived around, have you never downloaded a linux ISO? 
Most of the linux ISO download servers i've come across have been FTP 
servers, but anyway this is getting rather off topic.


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