[Standards] Binary data over XMPP

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 7 22:53:23 UTC 2007

On Wed Nov  7 22:27:34 2007, Fabio Forno wrote:
> We're developing a mobile client and we think that kind of  
> information
> should be threated in a different manner. In mobiles networks  
> regular
> socket connections have many problems (mainly disconnection handling
> that forces a new login)

(Hmm, this reminds me, I need to get around to finishing and  
publishing an I-D before the deadline on fast reauth).

>  and therefore we prefere bosh based
> connections.

I do think that BOSH is an exceedingly good design. But, FWIW, I use  
long-lived TCP connections over mobile networks quite a lot, and I  
find they work fine, even when moving between cells. (I use XMPP, but  
also IMAP and ACAP, all of which have server initiated data  
transfers, or "push" as the media calls it).

As far as I know, the OMA are increasingly interested in long-lived  
TCP based protocols, too, so the stability of mobile networks will  
hopefully improve.

> as rosters, avatars...). Moreover large amounts of binary data
> exchanaged with mobiles are very unlikely, so I don't see the
> necessity of making xml streams more complex for use cases that are
> not well defined, if not improbable.

Right - I'll skip your discussion of binary XML formats (although  
important), but I do want to pick up on this.

You're absolutely right - right now, exchanging large amounts of  
binary data over long thin pipes is a very unlikely state of affairs.

I think this will change, primarily due to encryption, and - as a  
much more minor issue - due to increased "rich messaging". (I'm  
thinking about radio stations showing you pictures of the band now  
playing, and such things, which certainly some mobile companies are  
very keen on).

If the rich messaging doesn't happen, I won't be too bothered. If  
encryption doesn't happen on mobile devices because it's too  
expensive, I'll be very troubled indeed.

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