[Standards] XEP-0115: version 1.5 revisited

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Thu Nov 8 22:52:00 UTC 2007

Le jeudi 8 novembre 2007, Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :

> 5. Objections to the Council change in version 1.4 specifying that the
> value of the 'node' attribute should be "ProductURL#SoftwareVersion".

I think we should not recommend to add the version number in the node at all, 
specially if the version may change while the disco#info does not.
I even think we should specify a fixed value for the node attribute.
such as  node="jabber.org/caps-x"
So client that support the 1.3 version of the XEP still works.

I consider that we recommend to use the version number in the node since 
examples show it.
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