[Standards] XEP-0115: version 1.5 revisited

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Thu Nov 8 23:49:32 UTC 2007

Le vendredi 9 novembre 2007, Joe Hildebrand a écrit :
> On Nov 8, 2007, at 3:52 PM, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> > I even think we should specify a fixed value for the node attribute.
> > such as  node="jabber.org/caps-x"
> > So client that support the 1.3 version of the XEP still works.
> That's an interesting idea, but one of the use cases in the XEP is
> still important to some client authors; namely, they want to be able
> to use a different icon for different client software.

I think they should not use that XEP for that.

There is jabber:iq:version for that.
And if we want to avoid sending a jabber:iq:version to each, we should come 
with a replacement that goes in the presence stanza (and would also benefit 
from server optimisations)

However, from an user perspective... what is the interest of showing different 
icon per client. 
Showing the user avatar is an interesting thing to show...  But the client 
icon ?
Of course that could reflect some capabilities of the contact.  But users are 
not supposed to know capabilities of each client, and the capabilities are 
advertised by the disco#info so the client may display them in a nicer way.

Remember that old client using version 1.3 of the xep use node#ver as key in 
their cache.  So if two different clients (or different versions) share the 
same disco#info, they will not be able to share the cache entry, even if the 
hash is the same.  (one may argue this is negligible, ok, but this is easy to 
avoid anyway)
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